Saturday, March 7, 2020

English Narrative Essay Topics

English Narrative Essay TopicsEnglish narrative essay topics vary greatly from person to person. There are probably hundreds of topics to choose from. For the sake of this article, let's assume you're interested in the stories of women.Women have always been the subject of romance, fantasy fiction. The modern western female is more likely to be a rare breed than a commoner. The typical woman of these tales is complex, determined, strong-willed, smart, and loves herself and her life.Many people want to know why women like to write. They've had to struggle with some of the same qualities as men - want, need, ambition, confidence. Often the need to write for others as a way of proving self worth is very important to them. These books and stories are very different from your typical romantic literature.Consider a middle aged female who is struggling to cope with her marriage. She has a son who is taken care of by his father but she still works from home and is raising her own children. H er husband is having difficulty adapting to the new lifestyle. She is also somewhat isolated because her son's friends might be hers but in their cases, they'd be on the internet playing video games instead of helping the family.Now imagine that she writes a story about her journey as a woman in love. She imagines that this is the 'final straw' for her. Her husband reacts to this tale and she tries to keep the story true to life so that it can 'finally' break the bad news to him that she will not stay in her marriage any longer.In truth, she does not feel strongly about ending the marriage. However, she knows she has to tell her husband and it's about her duty as a mother to her child. She cannot wait any longer to give the son the life she never could and cannot anymore. She feels she needs to write this story now to get through it.So which ones of these narrative essay topics do you think best describes you? What is it you would most like to share? Then make a plan and write your story. If you do this, you will soon find yourself enjoying the fulfillment of writing an English narrative essay.

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